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Tourism inside, good wine and rice in the region of Campos de Hellín

The region of Campos de Hellín is located in the province of Albacete in the community of Castilla La Mancha, is the border of Murcia. With the passing of the years the potential of tourism within this region along with the good vino and rice production have been its main signs of identity. The municipalities entering in this region are the Hellin, Fuente-Álamo and Almansa.

The number of tourists coming to this area has been increasing since they have many hotels and bed and breakfast offering a restful holiday for visitors. Visitors can enjoy great walks in their littered with landscapes of dry crops.

Wine is another of the strong points of the region of Campos de Hellín. Within this region is an own appellation of origin which falls within the different modes that exist in all Castilla La Mancha, who has been awarded as one of the land of wine in Spain.

Another product is rice. In the region of Campos de Hellín is cultivated in Calasparra, which is very admired by top chefs from around the world for its texture and ease to cook it.

The best way to reach this area is across the road which links by the Madrid North and South alike with Andalusia and Murcia. The nearest airport with activity throughout the year is Madrid with plenty of flights throughout Europe.