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  • 1Baix Maestrat

    Region Baix Maestrat, land rich in vegetables

    Location: It is in the North of the province of Castellón in the autonomous community of Valencia which has one of the areas declared as a natural part of the province. You can also find the Sierra de Irta, which is a place with much value in the ecosystem.

    Municipalities: compose it twenty municipalities such as Benicarló or Vinaròs by its population. The activities of the citizens of this area is mostly agriculture for what has placed you one of the most important places of the sector in Spain.

    What to see? You can see a lot of monuments scattered in different villages of the Baix Maestrat County such as religious and civilians that identify the past that have in the region, especially the passage of different civilizations.

    What to eat? Any visitor who arrives in the region can enjoy products such as citrus fruits and dishes from vegetables that are planted. The most traditional cuisine is replete with plates like fideuà, Vinaròs King prawns, among others.

    Where to stay? In the two villages of higher dimensions of the area you can find hotels and lodgings order to stay during your vacation. Other peoples you will have at your disposal rural hotels and bed and breakfast.

    How to reach? To arrive to the comarca of Baix Maestrat may do so through any of the roads linking the province of Castellón, with others in the area.

The contrasts of the Coast of Azahar

There is in Castellón one of the most privileged areas for its beaches and its possibilities for visitors who come to the area. We refer to the Coast of Azahar that just as in other parts of the Balearic Sea, it also has its own name. It is composed by more than 100 kilometres of beaches and coves that make it unique.

As a curiosity we can say that it receives the name of Azahar because there are enough crops of oranges in the area and this tree flower received that name. When they bloom is a real sight to behold.

The municipalities that comprise this area ranging from Vinaroz through Bernicarlo or Peñíscola ending in Moncofa. Within all this territory there is a wide range of hotels and very juicy options for tourists.

Nature lovers have the Sierra de Irta inside that reaches the coast and crosses it for many miles. They can also enjoy the wetlands of the Prat Cabanes-Torreblanca or the secluded islands of Columbretes reserve.

In terms of the supply of leisure capital, Castellón de la Plana continues to be the benchmark for e.g. spend a good night having dinner and then walk along the promenade. Furthermore, its beaches are in very good condition.

If what you like is more quiet you have villas with charm as the village of Mascarell, which has a wall that covers all the Center or go to a fishing village to enjoy the tranquility by the sea.