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The region of Ibiza: a paradise for tourists

One of havens for tourists in Spain is the region of Ibiza which is located on the island of the same name and is known worldwide. It is one of the Islands that make up the province of Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Five municipalities make it up as they are those of San Antonio, Ibiza, San José and San Joan Bautista.

Tourism coming to this region is mainly concentrated during the summer months when they arrive at the island many millions of people to enjoy their holiday. Its main attraction is the marriage between the best parties that you can find in the world together with places to rest and enjoy a quiet day with family.

To stay won't have any problems as there are many options ranging from very expensive hotels that have up to a nightclub to the cheapest holiday apartments. At lunchtime, they also have all the possibilities that will pass through your head.

The region of Ibiza during the winter live a more quiet time, but it was not inconvenient so that there is a large colony of foreign nationals, who decide to move to live on the island. Italian, English and German are the nationalities most repeated by residents of other countries. Transport in life is very comfortable and it is the car to reach the main coves. There is also the option of using the public service.

To move up to Ibiza can do this in two ways. The main one is through the plane. During the summer, you will find many choices from all points of the European Union and Spain, in winter the number of flights is reduced to half. The other possibility is the ship from certain cities of the peninsula such as Denia, Valencia or Barcelona.