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  • 2Ibiza

    The region of Ibiza: a paradise for tourists

    One of havens for tourists in Spain is the region of Ibiza which is located on the island of the same name and is known worldwide. It is one of the Islands that make up the province of Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Five municipalities make it up as they are those of San Antonio, Ibiza, San José and San Joan Bautista.

    Tourism coming to this region is mainly concentrated during the summer months when they arrive at the island many millions of people to enjoy their holiday. Its main attraction is the marriage between the best parties that you can find in the world together with places to rest and enjoy a quiet day with family.

    To stay won't have any problems as there are many options ranging from very expensive hotels that have up to a nightclub to the cheapest holiday apartments. At lunchtime, they also have all the possibilities that will pass through your head.

    The region of Ibiza during the winter live a more quiet time, but it was not inconvenient so that there is a large colony of foreign nationals, who decide to move to live on the island. Italian, English and German are the nationalities most repeated by residents of other countries. Transport in life is very comfortable and it is the car to reach the main coves. There is also the option of using the public service.

    To move up to Ibiza can do this in two ways. The main one is through the plane. During the summer, you will find many choices from all points of the European Union and Spain, in winter the number of flights is reduced to half. The other possibility is the ship from certain cities of the peninsula such as Denia, Valencia or Barcelona.

  • 2Mallorca - Migjorn

    The mix of tradition and modernity in the Mallorca-Migjorn region

    The region of Mallorca-Migjorn is the clear example of evolution that has brought the island of Majorca over the past years, went from being a mainly agricultural site to become one of the world centers of tourism. This region is composed of municipalities such as Campos, Llucmajor, Santanyí, and Ses Salines.

    The main base of the economy of all the municipalities in this area is tourism all have their centre in the interior of the island but have many kilometres of beach. For example Llucmajor shares with Palma part of what is known as Arenal that tend to go a lot of German citizens throughout the summer.

    As happens with other parts of Mallorca in this region can stay in different hotels and lodgings so that all visitors will be a place that fits with you want to spend your holidays. The main leisure activities are linked with nature or the sea such as sailing and scuba diving.

    The average year-round temperature is maintained especially cold during the winter months when it is usually raining regularly, which transforms its landscape in a blanket green different from other places of the Mediterranean. Average temperatures of 18 degrees was recorded in summer and spring.

    If it is intended holiday in Mallorca-Migjornor move to this area should do so through Palma Airport which is one of the most important in Spain and has a lot of flights throughout the year. The island boasts new roads and a highway linking the North with the South.

  • 1Mallorca - Palma

    The region of Mallorca Palma, the Centre of the island

    The region of Mallorca Palma refers exclusively to the capital of the island and a few kilometers from its surroundings before reaching some of the villages that surround it. It has no own institution that brings this geographical designation since everything is led by the City Council. Tourism is the main economic source of the city.

    Apart from tourism and everything that revolves around the arrival of tourists, another source of income for the inhabitants of Palma is the construction. The accommodation capacity of the city is the most important of the island, has luxury hotels, hostels and accomodations of all styles. In addition you will find a variety of restaurants and bars.

    The list of places with charm is quite wide and you will see numerous remains from different periods of the history of Mallorca Palma region. The Cathedral of Santa Maria is located next to the Bay and long beach found until they decided to create a path ahead of the monument. It has the highest ship from Spain and the second in Europe.

    Another of the monuments that you can not miss is the Bellver Castle which is the only one in Spain dating back to medieval times with a round structure. You will also have the option of going to the Almudaina Palace, the plaza mayor or plaza de Spain.

    If you're planning to visit the region of Mallorca Palma you will need it quite simple arriving by plane from any point of Europe throughout the year, especially in Germany. For its part has good connections with the rest of the island.

  • 1Mallorca - Raiguer

    The Raiguer region: the largest producer of potatoes in Spain

    The comarca of Raiguer on Majorca Island preserves still the agrarian ancestor and stands as one of the powers in Spain in the export of potatoes. Its economy is based on the activity and is gradually taking a greater tourism. The most important municipalities are those of Sa Pobla, Alcúdia, Binissalem and nine more.

    Sa Pobla is the municipality which concentrates most of the production carried out in the area of potatoes. Its climate makes it ideal to the planting of this tuber which is sold throughout Spain and especially in countries like Germany or Britain. It also has a variety of other crops, although of lesser importance for the local economy.

    Alcudia is more tourist area since port environment concentrates a large number of hotels and restaurants are filled with visitors in summer. Its privileged location also allows visitors to enjoy a day in the Serra de tramuntana that is the heritage of humanity and end up taking a bath in some of its beaches.

    In the area there is also a long tradition wine. There is the denomination of origin of Binissalem which is well-known around the world receiving several awards best known for the quality of its wines. Its main quality is the type of grape that is grown in this area of the comarca of Raiguer.

    To visit this area will have to arrive at Palma Airport featuring flights throughout the year then trasladars drive to any of these people.

  • 1Mallorca - Sierra de Tramontana

    The region of Majorca Serra de Tramuntana, a heritage of the cities

    Mallorca-Serra de Tramuntana region is the most important areas of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands since a couple of years ago it was declared world heritage by the unique value that has its vegetation and the beauty of its landscape. The municipalities that are part of this region are the Andratx, Sóller, Estellencs, Esporles, along with other small towns with great charm.

    The Serra de Tramuntana is situated in the northwestern part of the island where there are only three reservoirs that exist on the island and that its greatest peak of the Puig major, where a military base is located. Feature more known for its visitors is the strong topography and has numerous caves of their ice age.

    This area is one of the most chosen tourists coming to the island. Apart from the natural value, the region boasts the best coves, many of them unknown to the vast majority of visitors. You will also have at your disposal a large number of cottages to enjoy a peaceful stay.

    The capital of the region of Mallorca-Serra de Tramuntana is Sóller, which is a part of the urban core in the mountain and the other in port, one of the most visited areas of Mallorca. It has a large community of foreigners that the people have chosen to move to live.

    The best way to get to the Mallorca-Serra de Tramuntana region is by the Palma Airport which has numerous flights throughout the year, which doubled with the arrival of the high season. The roads that join all the peoples are secondary to that they are in good condition.