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  • 9Alacanti

    The comarca of Alacantí: union of tradition and tourism

    The comarca of Alacantí can be defined as the fusion between agriculture and tourism. This area includes part of the province of Alicante in the south of the autonomous community of Valencia, and its territory is made up of a multitude of municipalities such as the capital of the region of San Vicente de el Raspeig, Alicante and Jijona.

    The Huerta of Alicante is densely populated. Throughout its history, the inhabitants have had many occupations. Initially, the quality of the farmland has given the best vegetables and fruits of the region. Currently part of this area is dedicated to that sector, while the majority has turned to tourism.

    The real torist attraction in this region is Alicante. Since the mid 20th century, the tourist trade has been one of the main focuses of activity. There are many beaches of very good quality. In addition, the service sector can offer shops of all kinds, together with cultural activities.

    Another municipality of importance is San Vicente de el Raspeig, more focused on industrial activity, especially its cement factories. Jijona is another of the best-known villages since it has a great industry related to the production of nougat, the best known in Spain, which is exported to many countries.

    To reach the region of Alicanti, we can drive on the highways that connect it with Madrid, Valencia or Murcia. The Alicante Airport sees a lot of activity during the summer.


  • 2Alto Vinalopo

    The comarca of Alto Vinalopó, Earth shoes

    The comarca of Alto Vinalopó is known for its major footwear industry which exports articles all over the world. This area lies to the north of the province of Alicante and also stands out for being in the Vinalopo Valley, which comprises the largest concentration of manufacturers of shoes in Europe. The main municipality of the region is Villena.

    This region is one of the driest in Spain and their agricultural activity is focused mainly on wine production. Its tradition as a land of crops goes back to the time of the Roman Empire and spread even more with the arrival of the Andalusians. Wine is produced in the south of the province.

    The main town is Villena, in which we find some of the most important footwear factories. As in the other towns, it also has numerous ruins from other civilizations such as the historic center, which was declared a Spanish historical heritage in the early sixties. It also has several castles which are reminiscent of its medieval and Arab past.

    If you're thinking about a holiday in the comarca of Alto Vinalopó, there are various rural settlements to stay in. To get to this area follow the roads that connect Alicante with other municipalities. The most important airport is Alicante, with numerous flights during the summer.



  • 6Bajo vinalopo

    The rise of the Bajo Vinalopó region tourism

    The Bajo Vinalopó region has become one of the tourism centers of the province of Alicante and Valencia. Since the end of the 20th century, a large number of visitors have found a place to spend holidays and even stay to live in this area. Municipalities such as Santa Pola and Elche have hosted the majority of the tourists.

    The main attraction is that it has many beaches along the coast with a great hotel capacity which attract numerous foreigners, mainly from the Nordic countries, Great Britain, or Germany. Many have decided to stay to live, creating large colonies of inhabitants from these countries.

    Santa Pola is a small municipality which has been growing with the arrival of tourists. Throughout its history it has been focused on fishing and agriculture, which currently is maintained though the number of ships have been reduced from its fishing port.

    Elche is the capital of the area and offers many possibilities to spend your holiday. Since you spend all day on some of the beaches to visit some of its monuments. In this town you will also find one of the oldest busts dating back to the Iberian period and which is located around the centuries IV and V BC

    To visit the Bajo Vinalopó region there are numerous connections by road from Madrid, Alicante, Valencia or further south from Murcia. The main airport is Alicante, but there is also the possibility of going through el Altet in the municipality of Elche.




  • 35Comtat

    The mountainous region of Comtat

    The comarca of Comtat is located in the inner part of the province of Alicante in the Valencian Community. Its main feature is that it is surrounded by mountains and also includes the river Serpis. For this reason it has become a good place for people who prefer the countryside to spend their holidays. The main municipalities are Cocentaina and Muro de Alcoy.

    The economy of this area is mainly focused on the primary sector and the textile industry by what part of its population is dedicated to this. You'll find many of the landscapes of the province because it has been outside the over-exploitation that has affected other parts of Alicante. You can enjoy many rural hotels and accommodations.

    Cocentaina is an important industrial city in which you will find all kinds of products dedicated to textile treatment. As in the other towns in the province, it has numerous remains of past civilizations that were in the Mediterranean such as Muslims or the Iberians.

    Another prominent municipality in the comarca of Comtat is Muro de Alcoy which focuses on textile manufacturing by influence of other important towns of the region. It also emphasizes the manufacture of Spanish guitars.

    To arrive at the comarca of Comtat, you can drive on the N-340 highway that connects the coast of the Mediterranean in Spain, from the north of Barcelona to Cadiz. The nearest major airport is Alicante.



  • 16Hoya de Alcoy

    The comarca of Hoy de Alcoy: toys, textiles and agriculture

    The comarca of Hoya de Alcoy is known for its toy, textile and agriculture industries. All of them are the base of the economy of a region located in the north of the province of Alicante, in the autonomous community of Valencia. Among its municipalities is the capitol Alcoy, while other important towns are Bañeres and Castalla, Ibi.

    Besides being focused on the production of textiles and toys, this region has also focused part of its activity on inland tourism. Many lodgings and hotels have been created to accommodate visitors coming mainly from other nearby provinces.

    The main town is Alcoy, the capital of the region. In recent years, the tourism boom has improved communications by road with other parts of the autonomous community. Its main attraction is as an alternative to the beach and the sun of the municipalities on the coast which are a few kilometres away.

    One of the most popular fiestas in the area is celebrated in Alcoy where every month of April marks the battle from the end of the 13th century between the Christian inhabitants and the Moors who wanted to conquer the city.

    The comarca of Hoya de Alcoy has an average temperature lower than the rest of the province and more rain in contrast to the rest of the province of Alicante. The best option to visit this region is by road.

  • 352Marina Alta

    Paradise for vacationers in Marina Alta

    Location: The District of Marina Alta is located in the southeast of the province of Alicante in the coastal area and within the autonomous community of Valencia. It is an area full of contrast between the development of the nearby sea towns and parts of interior on the mountain.

    Municipalities: Composed of a score of municipalities. Until the 1960s the majority focused on agriculture and livestock. With the tourist boom of the 1960s the economy of the region turned to residential tourism which has been growing increasingly.

    What to see: Marina Alta is a region of great natural beauty preserved especially in the inland areas, while on the coast you can enjoy tourist attractions for all ages. The main visitors come from European countries.

    What to eat: The paella is one of the most famous dishes of the autonomous community of Valencia. In addition you can enjoy cuisine based on fish from the Mediterranean.

    Where to stay: The options are numerous. From a five star hotel in the coast pension complete to a rural house in the interior of the comarca of Marina Alta to rest calmly.

    How to get there: The main means of transport in the area is the car since the region has great communication. Alicante is the most important airport with scheduled flights, especially during the summer.

  • 671Marina Baja

    Marina Baja is a region located in the province of Alicante (Spain) and it offers both its visitors and citizens the posibility to enjoy the mountains and to spend a few hours at one of the best beaches in the country

    Its characteristic are very attractive to tourists from all over the world who choose this region to spend their vacations. Some go even further and they move to the region to live all year round. There are a lot of people from Norway and Great Britain, and they form a big community.

    The most important city is Benidorm where there is a wide variety of hotels, although visitor could find other nice cities like Villajoyosa or Altea. You have many options and many towns where you could spend your vacations.

    If we did a review of places that you could visit, we find many options. Starting with the mountains where there are great places like the waterfall Fonts de l'Algar, and many popular places to hike. It has many protected areas of high ecological value.

    We also can't ignore a visit to the Serra Gelada Natural Park which it's located in differents towns in Marina Baja. It is one of the most popular places in the province.

    Meanwhile, beach lovers have many options to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. They could visit tourist beaches or more secluded beaches. Poniente beach in Benidorm is one of the most popular tourist spots in the region.

    Finally, you could take a swim at one of the desirable beaches in the province like Roda in Altea, where there are fewer swimmers than at other beaches.

  • 344Vega Baja

    Good time, fresh products and beautiful beaches in the Vega Baja region

    Location: Vega Baja region is located in the southern part of the province of Alicante, in the autonomous community of Valencia and forms the natural border with Murcia. It is regarded as one of the areas with greater natural and tourist attraction for visitors to the region.

    Municipalities: about 25 municipalities of which highlights Torrevieja or Orihuela in the form. The main occupation of the population is tourism but also a large part is dedicated to the cultivation of irrigated land.

    What to see? A year-round along boasts a time blessed by what you can enjoy the natural resources in the interior area and beaches. Throughout its history many civilizations have lived so there are monuments which have their way.

    What to eat? The cuisine of the region of Vega Baja is based on products that are planted in the garden which feeds the water of the river Segura. Also has the typical paella with "scab" very admired by visitors.

    Where to stay? As it is an area with a large influx of tourists have many possibilities to stay. Luxury hotels, more modest hotels, cottages or apartments on the beach are some of the most popular options.

    How to reach? The best way to get to any of the municipalities of the comarca of Vega Baja is through car since it has very good roads. Alicante Airport is the best choice for those coming from any country in Europe.

Costa Blanca: 280 kilometers of beautiful beaches

A good climate and almost three hundred miles of beaches make up the letter of the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante, in which many of the most tourist cities of Spain such as Benidorm, Denia and the own capital is included.

The arrival of tourists to the area is continuous in the summer and even winter months since it is one of the areas of Europe with more hours of sunshine a year. Therefore also many foreigners decide to stay to live throughout the year.

But not everything is beach in that area. Alicante is the second most mountainous province of Spain by what the landscape of the Costa Blanca is dotted with mountains. In its Valley is home to numerous crops that fill color the area during the spring.

Visitors can also go to the archaeological sites that are spread throughout the area. Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Muslims chose during his time dealing with this area so there are numerous remains of these civilizations.

The Costa Blanca is full of contrast. On the one hand you can see cities modern and loaded with options to spend free time together with other urban centres where the tranquility and the good life is its main attraction.

There is a large number of marinas along the coast for water sports lovers to enjoy them. As in other parts of Spain golf courses offer is large and full of options.

From Alicante Airport, there are numerous flights to various parts of Europe such as Germany or the United Kingdom throughout the year.