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The union of tradition and tourism in the region of Selva

Location: The Selva region is located between the province of Girona and Barcelona in the autonomous community of Catalonia, more specifically to the Northwest of the Iberian peninsula.

Municipalities: Within the region enter a score of municipalities of all sizes. The capital of the region is Santa Coloma de Farnés while most important peoples are those of Lloret de Mar and Blanes. The area join rural tradition with a coastline that attracts many tourists.

What to see? In the coastal area, you will find many options to spend your holidays. There are many coves where practically no one especially in winter. You can develop many water sports. The Interior life is quieter and will have the option to walk through very beautiful villages.

What to eat? The cuisine of the region of Selva is very influenced by fishing in that area and the types of crops that occur on farms.

Where to stay? You won't have any problem to find a hotel to stay during your vacation. You have the option of renting an apartment on the coast or a house in the area of interior.

How to get? The national 340 is the highway that connects the municipalities of the coast and the Interior will have other very valid options. The public bus and the vicinity are the other two means of transport most commonly used in the region of Selva.