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Irrigated agriculture and rural tourism in the region Vega Media

Location: Vega Media region is situated in the autonomous community of Murcia and more specifically in the Centre of the region. Region based their daily activity in irrigated agriculture and rural tourism.

Municipalities: Composed of five municipalities in the region among which there are many points of tourist attraction that recall all their farming culture as the Hermitage of la Purísima, festivities, etc.

What to see? It has a very broad heritage to enjoy a holiday in the region of Vega Media as for example in Ceutí where there are a variety of ethnographic and artistic resources.

What to eat? One of the typical events that tend to self-organize in the comarca of Vega Media are the tastings that can go visitors such as Morcilla, chorizo, etc. There are also dishes like olives with anchovies, rice with rabbit, etc.

Where to stay? You have access to cottages and apartments to be able to stay during the holidays to enjoy in the comarca of Vega Media.

How to reach? There are many roads like highway that connects Murcia and Albacete to reach the region average Vega. There are many options to reach by public buses and nearby parts.