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    Tenerife, a good place for a holiday

    Location: Tenerife is one of the Islands that make up the autonomous community of the Canary Islands and is the capital of the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Its main feature is that it has the highest mountain of the Spanish territory, Teide which is an inactive volcano some years ago.

    Municipalities: It has about 25 municipalities which depends on the insular Council. The main cities are Santa Cruz, which is the capital and the lagoon, where the North Airport is located. The climate is spring throughout the year so the arrival of tourists during all seasons.

    What to see? In Tenerife has many activities that make that they adapt to all tastes. For example you can spend a day by the slopes of the teide enjoying a volcanic landscape with moon-like or go to any of the beaches in the South.

    What to eat? Fish is the main Tenerife gastronomy base but also enjoy Canary Island stews, "Potatoes wrinkles" and Mojo are dishes more demanded by the tourists who come to the island.

    Where to stay? Tenerife boasts a great variety of hotels ranging from the most tourist of the South to the more humble in parts of the center of the island. Rent houses and apartments are the other two options chosen by visitors.

    How to get? Tenerife has two airports, one in the North in La Laguna and the other in the South. Both have direct flights to Europe and the peninsula. It also has two public ports with ferries to other islands. The roads are good.

The Red landscape of the Costa del Rubicon

The visitors that reach the Costa del Rubicon for the first time will enjoy a landscape marked by red color of their land. The reason is that nearby is the mountain red, a volcano of reddish color that can be seen from the sea. This will find everything on the island of Lanzarote, situated in the Canary Islands.

This part of the coast of the island has some beautiful and virtually untouched beaches that delight visitors, next to a large cultural offer for the many monuments which are scattered throughout the area.

On the Costa del Rubicon is where the first settlers to the island, led by Juan de Benthencourt in the 15th century. They came to this part of Lanzarote as a good area to anchor and the possibility of water nearby. It is considered the first European settlement in the Canary Islands.

Throughout the year the average temperature of the island is 20 degrees so it is ideal to visit him in any part of the year. There are numerous options for tourists since the island economy depends on the arrival of visitors from outside.

The capital of Lanzarote is Arrecife airport which boasts numerous flights throughout the year where mainly from Germany and Great Britain. There are numerous secondary roads that connect it with the island to reach the Costa del Rubicon.