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Los Velez - Andalucía, is loaded with a famous historical past, as attested by its complete and monumental artistic heritage, the richest and most varied in the province of Almeria, has also a great attraction for his natural exuberance: sources and springs of water, ravines and ramblas, native vegetation, panoramic and suggestive views.

LOCATION-located in the northernmost part of the province of Almería. It borders to the North and East with the province of Murcia, and to the West of Granada. Included among the parallel 37 ° 52' and 37 ° 30' North latitude and the Meridian 1 ° 55' and longitude 2º 25'. 

Climate-mediterraneo-continental. Rainfall low and concentrated in autumn and spring (not pass of 400 mm.), aggravated by their torrencialidad and strong seasonal irregularity. In winter is often produced heavy snow in the Sierra. July is usually the warmest month.

FLORA and vegetation-ecosystem characterized by: "variety" of species and its "specificity" within its aridity.

The pine forest occupies the largest tree area of the region (E.g.: La Dehesa de María).

The oak is located in small villages isolated or mixed with pine trees.

FAUNA-as with the flora, highlights the considerable number of endemics (15% of the total number of species). At present, a total of 244 different taxa within the Natural Park have been registered. There are about 25 species of mammals typical of the Mediterranean ecosystem.