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Metropolitana de Almeria - Autonomous region: Andalusia

Geographic data: The nerve centre of the region is Almería. Surrounded by the Sierra de Gádor, the Sierra Alhamilla and the Valley and delta of the Andarax River and beyond, a plain that culminates in the Sierra de Gata Cape. To the South, its port and Coast opens to a wide Bay on the Mediterranean Sea.

Nature tourism: The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata - Nijar. The Park is one of the spots of greatest geological wealth of Spain, recognized with the designation of Geopark by Unesco in 1999.

Agricultural production: Converted into one of the most important areas of farming in Europe with thousands of hectares of crops under plastic, greenhouses produce plenty of vegetables, tomato and almonds.

Gastronomy: The sea is one of the main resources of the almerian table.

Snuff, mackerel, red mullet, Octopus, squid, cuttlefish, the Red prawn of Almeria. Abound, however, the stews and dishes with ingredients from the garden.

Among the more we find paprika broth or broth colorao, Moorish soup, patatas bravas, ajopollo or Aioli (potatoes to the poor), the ajoblanco, cuttlefish in sauce, the bartender (a kind of spicy Ratatouille), gachas cakes, crumbs of semolina, fresh beans, marinades, gurullos, Suflí frit or pot of wheat, ham, snails in sauce, salads, meat with tomato and grilled squid.

The pastries are the papaviejos, Jesus fingers, fried milk, alpujarreña millefeuille, Greaves cakes, biscuits of dates, the "soplillos", cream tubes, the puff pastry and biscuits of angel hair.