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La Huerta de Valencia region: good time and good food

Situation: La Huerta de Valencia region is located in the central area of the province near the capital of the province, which is part of the region. The Turia River covers part of the vega and the albufera floodable areas that are protected by its natural value.

Municipalities: Formed by Valencia and some small municipalities that there are in your environment. From the Roman period there are vestiges of this region which was an essential part for the troops of the Empire passing the winter in these lands since it has a good climate, which still attracts many visitors.

What to see? You have many options to spend your holidays such as wide beaches or the cultural agenda that is in Valencia. One of the curiosities are the typical houses that are the farmhouse or home, which some took advantage of water mills to form part of the houses.

What to eat? The recipes of the region of Huerta de Valencia is full of Mediterranean products, which are grown in the area. Rice is one of the jewels for the preparation of paella as claimed by tourists.

Where to stay? You can do so at any of the hotels in Valencia where offer cheaper hotels or luxury hotels. In addition, you can rent apartments and houses spread along the coast

How to reach? You have several options such as railway linking the capital of Spain with Valencia, also can be reached through the airport or drive by any of the highways that link the city with nearby regions.