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The attractions of the region of Los Serranos

Situation: The mountain is located in the interior part of the province of Valencia in the autonomous community of the same name. The Turia River also runs through part of its territory and waters part of typical crops in the area. The main feature of the terrain is the mountain range runs throughout the region.

Municipalities: Composed of some twenty municipalities which include Chelva and Villar del Arzobispo. As is the case with other parts of the region the climate is quite warm so the winters don't tend to be very hard with temperatures around 15 degrees.

What to see? Emphasizes the religious monuments such as the Archbishop's Palace in the Gothic style which on del Villar's Archbishop. It also has the possibility to enjoy great walks in all many roads that run across the mountains.

What to eat? The cuisine of the region of los Serranos is based on local products, so you can eat dishes such as porridge, crumbs, serrano gazpacho and dishes derived from the slaughter of the pig.

Where to stay? The accommodations are rural, ranging from small hotels managed by local people or cottages which are equipped to spend a quiet holiday for a few weeks.

How to reach? You must do so by road from the capital of the region that has several routes to get. The most important airport is Valencia.