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The District of Valle de Albaida marked by a river

Location: The Valle de Albaida region is in the province of Valencia. Its name comes from the Albaida River that runs throughout the territory, which in turn means "the white one" in Arabic.

Municipalities: Composed of a score of municipalities, of which the capital is Onteniente. It is framed within what is known as the route of the monasteries of Valencia. There are many monuments of these features in some of their villages.

What to see: Aside from the numerous monasteries, you can spend a holiday in the region of the Valle de Albaida passing through the beautiful landscape of farm land. The Festival of Moors and Christians in Onteniente is well known.

What to eat: Typical dishes of the region are rice, black paella, the magnificent mushroom or black pudding made with onion. Sweet dishes are also one of its strengths.

Where to stay: There is always something available, except during the Festival of Moors and Christians when the region of the Valle de Albaida is full of tourists. There are apartments and country houses.

How to get there: Car transport is the best choice to move into the region, but some municipalities have regional train stations. The most important airport is Valencia.