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Serrania de Ronda - Andalucía

Populations (21): Algatocin, Alpandeire, Arriate, Atajate, Benadalid, Benalauría, Benaoján, Benarrabá, Cartajima, Cortes de la Frontera, Farajan, Gaucin, Genalguacil, Igualeja, Jimera de Líbar, Jubrique, Júzcar, Montejaque, Parauta, Pujerra and round.

Geographic data: Bordered on the Northwest by the region of the Guadalteba; to the between two this, with the region of the Sierra de las Nieves; to the South, with the Costa del Sol West; and to the West and to the North with the province of Cadiz

Attractions: Visit the Serrania is a suggestive invitation to reunion with the past. Castles, watchtowers, palaces, Arab baths, Roman theatres and even primitive caves and coats of bandits shown in the eyes of the visitor to immerse you in a trip in time with imagination as only companion. Highlights the municipality of round for its historical heritage, there is one of the oldest and most monumental of Spain Bullrings

Gastronomy: Simple dishes such as soup of tomato and garlic stew of chickpeas or lentils, asparagus and mushrooms. Other specialties are the roasted goat mountain style, the chorizo in the alcohol and the veal with potatoes, but especially stand out dishes derived from hunting rabbit and Partridge to the Tagus rondeña.

Pumpkins rondeña, migas with chorizo, porridge, beans with tomato, garlic, ham, beans with morcilla, almonds and artichokes soup, gazpacho to the serrana, rondeña tortilla and the lamb stew are also traditional dishes.

Desserts highlights the buds of the Tagus and the sweets of the nuns.

Traditions: Carnival, Easter, Corpus Christi and several fairs and processions.