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The industrial area of the comarca of Anoia

The region of Anoia is situated in the province of Barcelona in the community autonomous Catalonia is an industrial area where many of the companies operating in the region. Such features coexist with many historic remains and a tradition around agriculture. The main town of this area is that of Igualada.

The economic sector mainly based its work around the industry that is the engine of the area. The region has received numerous people from other parts of Spain, seeking a job in that area. They still hold many of the agricultural traditions on which rested the day of residents living in this area of Catalonia.

The capital of Anoia is Igualada by its importance both economically as number of population. There are remains of the first founders of the village dating back to the 11th century when a church dedicated to Santa Maria rose.

Rural tourism is of importance around the most important monuments of the region of Anoia that exist in different areas. An example is the Church of Santa Maria de Tossa built in the Romanesque period of the 10th century, and there are numerous legends about it by the different events that have been taking place throughout its history. You will also have the opportunity to attend one of the prehistoric parks that exist in Catalonia.

In the case that are encouraged to visit the region of Anoia may do so through the Barcelona Airport that has flights throughout the year. There are numerous roads connecting the area with different provinces.