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The beautiful landscapes of the Costa de la Muerte

The Costa de la Muerte is one of the most photographed places and with a more resplendent natural beauty of the Spanish coast. This part of the coast is located in Galicia and ranges from Cape Finisterre to the municipality of Malpica de Bergantiños, all in the province of A Coruña.

All this area is dotted with cliffs that transform it into a special place for the visitors. The name given to this part of the coast is due to the numerous shipwrecks that have lived on its shores throughout history, because of the strong storms that there is during the winter. For example, in a few hundred years its inhabitants have seen 60 ships were sinking.

For the visitors who love seafood and the Costa de la Muerte heritage is your ideal place to visit. In all the municipalities that comprise it, there is a fishing port which leave every day many boats fishing so the dishes are very good.

If you wish to make a visit to a historical part of Borneiro parish is your place. It has two exceptional landmarks especially for its antiquity. Most have testimonies of the first inhabitants in the area such as the Dolmen of Dombate and the castro of the Celtic city.

To visit the Costa de la Muerte it can be reached by road from A Coruña or coming from Portugal must pass before the province of Vigo. Highways are mainly secondary sections that run on highways. The nearest airport is that of A Coruña.